About Us


BeautiEdit is a brand for everyone. Two friends created the company with the goal of creating diverse hero products to suit anyone, no matter their age, skin type or colour.

Beautiedit is for you, me, and everyone between.

After seeing makeup artists and models at every shoot reach for the same products, J saw a gap in the market: enhancing natural beauty instead of masking it or, worse yet, filtering it.

Excited about the idea, J teamed up with her best friend L to come up with plans and products that would help everyone feel more confident in their beauty.

Beautiedit is for you, me and everyone In between. We believe in flaunting your uniqueness. Beauti is about how you feel, and we hope every product makes you feel as good as we know you look. #nofilterjustbeautiedit

We all deserve to feel good about ourselves and our appearance.

We believe that beauty is about how you feel - not what society says it should be.

Your skin deserves the best, and that's exactly what we're giving you with our high-quality vegan products.

We know that you demand to feel good about the brands you buy, which is why all of our beauty products are cruelty-free and eco-friendly.

You deserve a luxurious experience for your body without having to break the bank, so everything on this website is affordable luxury.

That's what our community is all about.

And we invite you to join us!

We're going to start giving you the inside scoop on all things beauty, makeup, confidence, crazy discounts, amazing stories and of course GIVEAWAYS!