9 Top Tanning Tips That Will Make You Look Flawless

The Ultimate How-To Guide to Getting the Perfect Tan – And Your Questions Answered!

The Ultimate How-To Guide to Getting the Perfect Tan – And Your Questions Answered! - BeautiEdit



Summer is just around the corner, and we’re all reaching for our favourite bottle of golden goodness! Whether it’s your first time using a fake tanning product or you can’t get enough of a sun-kissed glow, there’s something for everyone in our handy guide to achieving the best fake tan around! Before you begin any application, we’ve got ten top tips and tricks to help you on your way to look a little more tanned and a little less tangoed, with some of your most asked questions answered!

Failing to Plan is Planning to Fail – especially with your fake tanning routine! Just like with makeup application, beginning with a clean, prepped base is key to achieving a flawless tan.

  1. Don’t wax within 48 hours and don’t shave within 24 hours of applying fake tan. Give yourself enough time so that your skin isn’t too porous (which can result in brown spots) and instead shave and wax a couple days before tanning.
  2. Exfoliate gently 24 hours before tanning. This will remove any dead skin cells and reveal the perfect canvas for your BeautiEdit Self-Tanning Foam! Make sure to focus extra on the driest places such as your feet, ankles, elbows, and knees, as this is where product is likely to gather.
  3. After exfoliating, moisturise your skin. Fake tan tends to cling on to those dry areas, so using a moisturiser will ensure an even tan. But be careful; using too much moisturiser can lead to your tan slipping, sliding and failing to absorb. Try to avoid moisturisers with oils as they create a barrier between the skin and fake tan; opt for a good oil-free moisturiser Do this no less than 2 hours before applying self-tanner to ensure that your tan correctly adheres to your skin.
  4. Skip the deodorant before and during your tan development – it might prevent the tan from sticking to your skin and cause some tans to become green, contrary to the bronzed-babe look we’re going for!
  5. Always use a tanning mitt to avoid streaky, orange hands! We recommend using BeautiEdit’s Tanning Mitt to apply your faux tan. The double-lined, liquid-proof barrier helps to ensure your hands remain stain-free whilst your tan glides on evenly for the perfect self-tan application.
  6. Using your mitt, apply the tan in circular motions starting from your ankles upwards. On those drier areas that have been pre-moisturised, use tan sparingly by gently buffing these areas with leftover tan.
  7. The natural guide colour of our tan enables you to see exactly where your tan is going on your body, which will help to guarantee a streak-free, perfect finish every time.
  8. Leave your tan to develop for 4-8 hours (or for best results leave overnight), where you’ll bask in the indulgent scent of cocoa, sandalwood and jasmine scent.
  9. Rinse off in lukewarm or cool water to extend the life of your glowing tan. Water that is too hot can cause your freshly-applied tan too peel off. Also, try to spend minimal time in the water – about 45 seconds to a minute to rinse off the guide colour should be enough. Don’t scrub or use shower gels!
  10. To extend your tan’s longevity and make the most out of your bottle, we recommend that you exfoliate every 3 days and moisturise every day to lock in hydration. Keep in mind that the more you shower you quicker your tan will fade. Pat the skin gently (don’t rub) when drying.


Q: Can I apply a new layer of fake tan on top of my current layer?

A: It’s recommended to thoroughly remove your current tan before reapplying a fresh layer! Applying more without ensuring all current traces of fake tan are removed can highlight the breakup of your tan and make the skin appear scaly.

Q: Should I fake tan my face?

A: The BeautiEdit 3 in 1 Self Tanning Foam is safe to use on your face, and it’s even suitable for sensitive skin, too!

Q: Why does fake tan go green sometimes?

A: When too much oxygen gets into your fake tan, it can cause a break down of ingredients, which results in oxidation, causing your tan to discolour, often with a green tinge. If you want to avoid the Grinch look, we suggest storing your fake tan in a cool dark place and away from any direct sunlight!

Now you can enjoy your BeautiEdit faux tan for 5-7 days before our 3 in 1 formula fades evenly away. We know you'll be happily surprised at how easy it is! Get ready to show off your gorgeous sun-kissed tan and rack up the compliments!

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