Everything You Wanted To Know About Fake Tan (And Never Dared To Ask)

Everything You Wanted To Know About Fake Tan (And Never Dared To Ask)

In this blog post, we will answer some questions about fake tanning that you may have been wondering.

Women all over are using self-tanners to enhance their skin, improve their confidence and feel better about themselves.

These fake tan facts will teach you everything you wanted to know about fake tan and why it’s such a great product.

1. Is it inevitable for my tan to look orange?

Not at all! In fact, fake tans are designed to look as natural as possible. There are a few ways you can avoid orange hues though! Make sure your skin has been exfoliated before tanning and apply in thin layers before rubbing into the skin evenly.

You may also find that your tan looks a bit orange if you apply too much product, so make sure to use sparingly!

2. It's a great addition to your skin care routine.

Hyaluronic Acid, Aloe Vera and Collagen. These are only a few of the super-ingredients in BeautiEdit’s Self-Tanning Foam.

Our self-tanner not only hydrates and nourishes the cells in your body but also stimulates collagen production for a youthful appearance.

A lot of women have found that their skin has become healthier, more moisturized and supple from regular application of this self-tanner!

3. Self-tanners boost your confidence.

Many people use this product because it enhances their self-confidence! Taking the time out for yourself to prep your body and apply the fake tan is a great way to self-care. It’s a perfect way to feel better about yourself both on the inside and outside!

4. It’s the healthiest way to get a golden glow.

Fake tans are becoming more popular every year as consumers realise that they are the healthiest way to achieve a sun-kissed look. The traditional way of tanning causes damage to the skin as the sun’s UV rays can age you faster by breaking down collagen fibres within the dermis layer of the skin.

Fake tans are a safe way to tan without the harmful side effects of too much sun exposure!

5. Say goodbye to your skin’s imperfections.

Fake tans are especially great for evening out your skin tone. If you have any scars, marks or dark spots on your body, applying fake tan can help to make these imperfections less apparent!

This also takes away the need to use makeup as you’ll already have flawless coverage!

6. Does my fake tan prevent me from getting a sun tan?

No, fake tans won’t stop you from getting a sun tan! They act as more of an enhancer to your tan than anything else. The best way to keep your skin safe is by wearing sunscreen before venturing outside in the hot weather and applying extra SPF when it’s sunny out.

7. Say hello to definition.

A golden tan gives definition to your body making you look toned and slimmer! Many women say that they feel more confident in their bodies after applying their fake tanner.

There are so many benefits to fake tanning, you’ll experience them for yourself!

From reading this blog, you’ll be armed with knowledge about your self-tanner before you even open the bottle, which will make it less intimidating and more fun!

Whether it’s the boost in confidence women receive, acting as an alternative to makeup, or simply being healthier than tanning outside - when women choose self-tanner over traditional methods of getting a tan and they’re not disappointed.

Did we mention there’s little to no chance of turning orange? Now you know even more about your product, go on and enjoy it that much more!

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