How To Find The Perfect Self-Tanning Shade For YOU

How To Find The Perfect Self-Tanning Shade For YOU

How To Find The Perfect Self-Tanning Shade For YOU - BeautiEdit

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What is a “Skincare Tan”?

Say goodbye to the days of patchy, orange faux tan, instead we have created The Skincare Tan by infusing skin-loving ingredients with the highest quality DHA to work in conjunction with your skin, giving you the perfect bronze tone every time. It’s packed with Hyaluronic Acid, known for its properties of targeting dry skin, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and creating a plumping effect. Collagen also aids in the “skinification” of tan, a key ingredient which is known to reduce sagging, promote elasticity and  increase blood flow to the skin. Faux tan has a wealth of additional benefits, it can smooth and perfect your skin, disguise unevenness & contour your body.

But Which Fake Tan Shade Should I Use?

It all depends on your personal preference and what you feel is the best fake tan hue for you. Did you know that one of our co-founders is pale with red hair but actually loves our ultra-dark shade? That’s because it’s the best way for her to achieve a rich, natural glow! Whether you're after a hint of a hue or a full on golden goddess aesthetic, it's all here at BeautiEdit! 

Your tan, much like your foundation, is a personal choice & is ultimately based on your own preference. If you're a confident fake tanner, then go ahead and choose your favourite self-tanner shade based on your desired end result. For new and perhaps less confident tanners, however, we recommend you start with BeautiEdit Tan Medium - 3 in 1 Self Tanning Foam, as it will naturally work with the melanin in your skin and give you a sun-kissed glow. Simply leave it on for four hours (or overnight for more intense results). If you prefer a deeper hue, you may wish to opt for the BeautiEdit Dark 3 IN 1 Self-tanning Foam and BeautiEdit Ultra Dark 3 in 1 Self-Tanning Foam if you wish, or simply apply two layers of medium for a buildable glow.

And if you prefer to mix it up a little and often choose to wear different shades of tan depending on your feeling that day, check out  Pristine Express Self Tanning Foam! With a guide colour to ensure a flawless application, simply leave Pristine on for 2-3 hours for a light glow, 3-4 hours for a medium shade and 4+ hours for the darkest hue! What's more, it has all of the skin-loving ingredients and benefits as the original BeautiEdit tans, too!

Whatever shade you choose, the incredible benefit of our 3 in 1 formula is how evenly it wears off. - There’s no need for scrubbing or purchasing fake-tan removers, because this nourishing formula wears off so naturally over 5-7 days, so you can adopt a healthy glow all year round without anyone realising you’ve had just a little help from a bottle!

A Breakdown of our Beautiedit Original 3in1 Shade Guide.

To help you decide what self-tanning shade is best for you, we've created a guide to give you an idea of how each shade will look on different skin tones. 

Fair skin: Known as the palest skin tone, fair skin is often accompanied by freckles and cool, pink undertones. 

Medium - a light natural tan

Dark - a warm, sun-kissed glow

Ultra dark - a deeper, golden tan

Medium skin: Complexion has yellow and golden undertones and skin is naturally tanned ranging from pale beige to a deeper bronze.

Medium - a warm, natural tan

Dark - a deeper, sun-kissed glow

Ultra dark - a dark, rich tan  

Dark skin: A rich bronze complexion that commonly has warmer undertones. 

Medium - a smooth, radiant glow

Dark - a natural, sun-kissed tan

Ultra dark - an ultra rich, bronze tone

Once you’ve chosen your favourite tan shade, check out our Ultimate Guide to Getting the Perfect Fake Tan, where we share our top tips and tricks and answer some most-asked questions about all things tanning!

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