Lorraine Keane's Secrets for a Flawless Faux Tan.

Lorraine Keane's Secrets for a Flawless Faux Tan

Lorraine Keane's Secrets for a Flawless Faux Tan - BeautiEdit

IFTA-nominated broadcaster and journalist, Lorraine Keane didn't fake tan for years because all her self-tanners had nasty smells and streaky results!

But now she's found a way to get a flawless, natural looking faux-tan. Want to know Lorraine's secrets?

1. BeautiEdit's Tan, Treat Hydrate Self-Tanning Foam. 

Our 3 IN 1 formula has made getting a flawless tan effortless! It’s moisturising ingredients, and quick drying formula create the perfect combination for an even application that will last all day long.

Not only does it apply smoothly without streaks but our self-tanner also "smells divine" according to Lorraine! That's because it's infused with coco, sandalwood and jasmine. 

2. Soft Velvet Tanning Mitt.

Lorraine Keane says "It's a little bit genius!". Creating your tan has never been easier with our Soft Velvet Tanning Mitt. The velvet material feels gentle on your skin and easily applies self- tanner to give you that flawless golden glow.

Tanning Mitt

3. Apply in Up and Down Motions.

Lorraine starts by squirting two pumps of her self-tanner onto her tanning mitt and then applies in up and down motions. She then goes over her body in circular motions before dusting any excess product over her hands.

4. Use a facecloth to help with tricky areas.

This is the perfect way to prevent excess tan seeping into your knuckles and dry areas. With a slightly damp face cloth or makeup pad, lightly dab your knuckles, elbows, knees and ankles to remove any excess tan!

 Face Cloth

Getting a tan doesn’t have to be hard and now you know Lorraine's secrets for getting a flawless tan, you don't need to worry about smelling of chemicals or having a streaky tan! Follow these steps and get your perfect summer glow.

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