Product FAQ

Which Self-Tanning Shade is the right for me?

Your Tan, much like your foundation, is a personal choice and is based on your own personal preferences.

If you're a confident faux tanner, please choose your favourite Tan, Treat, Hydrate shade based on your desired result.

However, for newer OR less confident tanners, we recommend you start with Medium as it will naturally work with the Melanin in your skin and give you a gorgeous natural glow.

You can then work your way up to the darker shades if that’s your preference.

Can I use it for my face?

Yes, it is completely safe to use on your face and suitable for sensitive skin without blocking pores. It moisturises and hydrates your skin.

How long does the Tan take to develop, and do I need to rinse off?

After application, please leave your tan to develop at least 4-8 hours or overnight before showering off the guide colour, leaving you with a beautifully hydrated faux tan glow that lasts 5-7 days.

Does the tan leave any streaks, patches or snakeskin behind?

No, the Skincare Tan has an even wear off over 5 - 7 days.

What does the tan smell like?

Jasmine, Coconut and Sandalwood. A delicious scent unlike any other.

Can I use the Tan on my sensitive skin type?

Yes, it is suitable for sensitive skin as there are skin-loving ingredients inside the formula. It provides your skin with the ultimate skin boost!

How many applications do I get from one bottle?

Around 4-5 full bodies out of one bottle.

I am trying to order but it says it doesn't deliver in Ireland, what do I do?

If you are paying with Paypal and you are facing "Not shipping to Ireland" problem, then please ensure that your Shipping Information inside your Paypal account includes "County" and "Address". If you are still getting the same error please try a different payment method.